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To those green eyes…

Only love rescues me, every day…

It was a good day for me, today, my love. You will come home later and I will look into your green eyes, like I have done every day for the last 21 years. Your eyes will remind me of soft meadows, of warm jungles, of stones buried in the heart of mountains.

I met you 21 years ago in Manhattan, under a cold rain. It has been a long journey all this time with you, yes. You gave me the strongest beacon in my life: our daughter. So I still wonder every day when I hear your steps reaching the door (yes, try me: I could identify them among a million others) how is it that you are still by my side, smiling, enduring my dark days…

I have learnt to love you through your body first, as a companion then, later on as a mother and now as a complete and complex human being. So if I fall, your green eyes tenderly show me the way back. Two green candles by the window so I can find back home every dark night of my life. And I have memorized all the stars on your skin, the cascading sounds of your lungs and heart, yes, but also the rythmic tides of your smile always coming back to our daughter when she is worried about life.; yes I have, but your eyes still mesmerize me.

Even if my body falls tomorrow, in the battle against darkness, my heart will grab to the scorched dust and come back to you, my love, from the other side of the ocean, from the terrifying demons of my mind, from the devastating sadness of my depression, I will always find the way back to your green eyes, my love, my little love, my companion…

Two green candles by the window. pushing darkness back…


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