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I am Superman

I am Superman (and you too). Nobody knows (and I don’t care) because I only wear shirt and pants (and a cardigan sometimes, and a hat sometimes too). I am Superman because I endured millions of bullets, falls, nights when darkness engulfed me like a black hole. I am Superman because I am still alive and I still love my wife with all my ragged heart. I am Superman because I refuse to surrender to sadness and I silently wash the dishes every day so when she arrives the sink is empty and clean. Only Superman can wash the dishes under the terrible cloud of depression, every day, always trying to do a good job.

Yes, I am Superman (and you too) because we can look darkness in the eye. Perhaps sometimes we need to escape to the North Pole to put our soul together, our battered body back on track, yes, but we always make it back.

Nobody knows but we save the world everyday by saving our own lives and by worrying about the 2-3 lives that directly hang from ours. We are Superman and sometimes we forget, yes, so all crumbles around and we cannot breath, yes. But we always open our eyes in the morning and get out of the bed and open the fucking window; yes, sometimes we even shave and sometimes we even manage to work. We live in a constant war, 24/7, a war taking no prisoners, a war in our heads and hearts, a war where we are our worst enemies and our hearts freeze and partially die and then we must run for shelter and lick our wounds and make it back to the arena the best we can.

We are Superman because we care and because we still dare to dream of a better tomorrow. We are Superman because we put a smile for our son/daughter so our pain stays with us and does not damage them and then we go to the bathroom and cry or brake a glass or just stare at the tiles silently. And yes, we put our best smile and get the fuck out and go back to our wife/husband and son/daughter and acknowledge we are just ashes inside but still warm ashes, warm for those two people. Then we can even dream about tomorrow being another day, perhaps a bit better.

I am Superman (and you too)…


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