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Go all the way…

To the dark demons living in my head, please be welcomed, make yourself comfortable on the couch, let’s have a friendly drink because I plan to look into your eyes, turn the light on your face and never stop. If you persist in my head, be prepared for a long trip because I will not stop, I will go ahead, live and fight. I was somebody, then I was nothing, I lost all I had and all I was. Or almost, because somewhere under my shirt there is something remaining after the storm. That little thing is me, the basic ME, the me that breaths and dreams.

My dearest fears and demons, please prepare your backpacks and suitcases because I am not stoping, I am fighting back and I intend to push ahead this journey that is my existence. I will find the sound of my steps somewhere, I will wear my hat, some cigars, some books, a good bottle of Scotch (single malt), some Vermeers in my memory, some Bukowski, some paella, some memories of a Mediterranean beach, a sunset in Paris and an old friend in NYC. I will go far away, I refuse to surrender.

Follow me if you want, if you dare, I won’t stop for you…


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