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My heart is not old, just tired

Just keep swimming…

No, my heart is not old, just a bit tired, bleeding from so many punches but still intact at its core. I still have 3-4 good fights inside and I will honor them in due time. No, my heart is not old, it is just catching up with all this shit and mendacity and pain around. I will be back, I will claim what is mine, what I lost but I can foresee just few hills away, in the horizon.

Yes, I will push and push and push until nothing is left inside my soul, so my heart goes back to the ring, to its corner, to punch back all the crap and all the shadows life can throw at me. Yes, one way or the other I will make it, I will see life back to my dried veins and light to these dusty eyes. Yes, I will be back in the arena and I will then give the best of myself because I already saw the worst.

No, no more sadness or dark suitcases in my house. No more locked doors, no more… I will be back becaused my heart is not old, just tired…


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